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Work and Play

It's not always about sex and love!

In here you can get a real job as a DJ, fashion designer, interior decorator, sex worker, club owner, teacher, psychic or just about anything else!

Our users have earned more than $3,000,000 US Dollars doing fun creative, virtual jobs; you can dress-up in more than a million outfits, sing live at real Karaoke clubs, take real classes to learn programming, a foreign language or almost anything else!

Explore the new internet. It's a whole new (virtual) World!

Entertainment Galore

We are not short on virtual entertainment.. from parties in virtual clubs, to movie theaters, games, karaoke singing. There is a real person behind every avatar looking for a lively time in the 3d World.

Friendships & Relationships

No matter if you are looking to meet new friends, forge a business relationship, join a virtual family or find a love interest; the virtual world offers millions of opportunities that you cant find at the local bar! Start your own business, get married in the virtual world, or even take your relationship to the real world!

Eye for Fashion?

Become a fashion designer by using patterns to design clothing, hair, makeup, skins and more for the avatars. No licenses required. Your creativity will earn you in world currency, which can be sold and withdrawn in the market place, and converted to real world earnings!

Love Music?

Become an in world club and event DJ... play requests from hundreds of people at each event, or create your own niche! Connect live and let everyone hear the real you on air. You never know - you may become famous.




Architects, Builders and Decorators Wanted!

The 3d World has no property limitions - only imagination. Earn real money to build, design or decorate new 3d World Venues. No special skills or programs needed - just pay attention to detail. You might be the designer of the next hot spot!

Graphic Artists, Web Designers, and Programmers... this is for you!

The 3D world revolves around Photoshop, Corel, HTML, Java, Flash and anything else you are able to integrate! Skilled people are always hired to build logos, bulletins, applications, websites, and more!

Real world businesses - In the Virtual World

If you provide a product or a service, the 3d World is another avenue to reach clients and customers. There is no shortage of in world advertising available, and the real people behind each avatar could be your next connection!


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